If your pickup point is within 20km of the city centre, you can log deliveries up to 50km away - 7am - 9pm, 7 days a week.
2 Hour Delivery
Guaranteed if pickup before 7pm

4 Hour Delivery
Guaranteed if pickup before 5pm

Same Day Delivery
Guaranteed when logged before 12pm (deliver by 5pm) or before 2pm (deliver by 7pm)

Deliver your items around Cairns with the added peace of mind of knowing exactly where your items are, and when they’ve been delivered. Sherpa’s intuitive platform allows you to track your driver from the moment they’ve accepted your job, until they’ve retrieved a proof of acceptance signature or photo upon delivery. What’s even better… you can send the tracking link to your end-customer so they know where their package is too!

Create your account today and check out the fair and competitive rates for our flexible delivery options (2 hour, 4 hour and same day with multiple vehicle options). If you like what you see, go ahead and log your first delivery.

Does Your Business do 20+ Deliveries a Day?

If you have high delivery volumes, we can provide you with a tailored enterprise solution to better suit your business needs.