In partnership with Woolworths

Welcome to Customer Week

We’re partnering with Woolworths in their mission to bring a little good to everyone, everyday.

Customer Week is our opportunity to freshen up on best delivery practices. This time, we’re sharing the little things you can do to ensure items are delivered in the best possible way.

How will you care?

1. Check in at all times 

Check in on the item’s condition throughout all stages of the delivery. If you notice any bags in poor condition at pick up, ask the store team for a replacement – they’re here to help!

2. It’s all in the details

Double and triple check all details: 

  • Are you at the right address? ✅
  • Any delivery instructions? ✅
  • Customer details in app match details on all bags? ✅

This may take you a few minutes, but it helps you avoid issues later.

💡 Top Tip: 

If you  have picked up multiple Woolworths jobs, keep a couple of highlighters in the car and mark labels with the same details with a specific colour to avoid mixing them up. 

3. Small things = big difference

Personalising the delivery experience with something as small as a friendly “hello” and “goodbye” will go a long way.

P.S. Keep reading to see the little things that your fellow Driver Partners do to brighten someone’s day!

Rave Reviews:

Recipients truly appreciate when you take the extra step to ensure the items are handled with care.

120915 Kulwinder 

“She is always careful where she places the bags. Fast , efficient , you get everything you ordered and she even knocks on the door once delivered. Amazing worker and friendly”

116229  Dimple 

“Left my shopping bags in a neat row, out of the doorway; it was perfect – thanks Dimple!”

116579 Milan 

“He was quick, polite, friendly, happy to help and deserves a 5+ star rating. My groceries were kept in good condition in the bag and treated with care! Thank you!”

82863 Yongjun 

“Super friendly & polite; he went out of his way to bring the items up to me on the first floor rather than leaving them unattended or waiting for me to come and get them.”

79571 Jagdish

“He is very polite and friendly and always happy to get them to the door in superb condition. He deserves a 5+ rating and acknowledgement. Grateful to him.”

Thanks for participating!

We want to thank you for your effort & commitment you put in, day in and day out. It’s important that you take a moment to check in with yourself throughout the day and prioritise your well-being.

We understand that your job is not an easy one, and we appreciate the tireless effort you put into delivering with a smile, no matter the weather or traffic conditions and we are grateful for your contributions.