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Streamline your delivery processes with Sherpa's Wordpress App

Pass orders directly from checkout through to Sherpa Delivery with just a few clicks. Save the time you're currently spending on manual order entry to focus on growing other areas of your business, as well as minimising opportunity for error.

WordPress e-commerce where Sherpa's express delivery options are being added to check-out

Why choose Sherpa?

WordPress integration with Sherpa for fast and flexible delivery

Fast & flexible delivery options

Give your customers more choice at checkout. Let them choose between a variety of delivery windows for today, or schedule their delivery for tomorrow. 

WordPress integration with Sherpa for customisable store preferences

Customisable store preferences

The Sherpa App lets you set product availability, delivery hours/days, prep-time, and more – giving you more control over your customers' experience.

wordWordPress integration with Sherpa for dynamic delivery rates

Flat or dynamic delivery rates

Set your own flat rates based on distance from your store, or use Sherpa's live pricing algorithm to provide customers with instant quotes at checkout. 
WordPress integration with Sherpa's technology for real-time tracking your deliveries across Australia

Keep your customers in the loop with real-time tracking

Send an SMS tracking link to recipients upon pickup

If enabled, a message will be sent to recipients once a driver has marked their item(s) as picked up — allowing them to track delivery progress, add a delivery note, and contact their driver or Sherpa Support directly.

Connect your Wordpress store with a FREE Sherpa Business account & take control of your last mile experience!