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Fast delivery, faster sales growth

Explore how store-to-door same day delivery can transform sales conversion and delivery operations.

Increase your conversion rates

Nothing convinces a customer to click “buy” faster than the promise of same day delivery. Leverage fast and scheduled delivery options to increase conversion and grow with confidence.

Our tech and drivers connected for advanced fulfilment

Offer unparalleled choice and flexibility to your customers when you harness the power of Sherpa’s delivery supply and demand management system, backed by our vast network of independent drivers.


Exceed customer expectations with our 1 to 2-hour on-demand delivery options. Our Express service turns urgency into opportunity, with live tracking to keep you ahead of your customers' expectations.


Deliver on their terms and yours! Control delivery times for same and next day to let customers choose their arrival window. Bundle orders for efficient pickups to maximise ops and minimise delivery costs.

Sherpa Scale

Turn your volume into value. Our tailored bulk delivery pricing and technology solutions for large-volume senders streamlines logistics, enhances delivery quality, and boosts operational efficiency.

Your shortcut to speedy, integrated same day delivery

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How Sherpa works

  1. Plug in with Sherpa

    • Quick sign-up for free and instant access.
    • Integrate easily utilising our eCommerce plugins or bespoke system API link-up.
    • Expert guidance from our delivery experts.
  2. Start sending

    • National coverage, reliable anywhere.
    • Labelling and tracking for every send.
    • Add on enhanced security measures.
    • One-click bulk upload for multi–sends.
  3. Your delivery on the move

    • Matched to our network of fully vetted drivers.
    • System-optimised routing for optimised sending.
    • Live tracking and real-time updates.
    • Dedicated support team for smooth deliveries.
  4. Happy customers, happy margins

    • Bank positive reviews from satisfied customers.
    • Get more efficiency as you scale.
    • Confidently leverage same day in your promotions, event days and activations.
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How our delivery tech stacks up

Monthly deliveries

Delivered on time

Customer Satisfaction

Response time

Sherpa meets your unique business needs

Sherpa’s tech and Driver network helps all types of businesses, with all types of goods.

Food and Grocery

In the food and grocery delivery world, ensuring the freshness and quality of perishable goods is crucial. We prioritise careful handling and timely delivery:

  • Immediate, time-sensitive deliveries

  • Food handling and temperature-sensitive items

  • Mark deliveries as fragile and/or heavy items


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