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Same day delivery simplified

Transform your last mile fulfilment to a leaner, smarter delivery solution

Image of the Sherpa delivery dashbaord with a list of deliveries and their statuses
Image of a Sherpa delivery dashboard in the "Delivery Details" where there is information about a single delivery with complete tracking information include driver, status and location map
Image of the Sherpa email and mobile confirmation on the delivery status communications sent to an end recipient customer via the Sherpa delivery platform
Easy scheduling and dispatch

Push orders from your e-commerce checkout via our direct API or upload into our simple dashboard. We consolidate routing and dispatch operations and allocate to our vast driver network.

Visibility from beginning to end

Our intuitive system shows status updates and dynamic ETAs, allowing you to catch potential issues, contact your driver, view proof of delivery, and rate your experience.

Your customers engaged

Seamlessly integrate delivery into your customer experience with timed notifications, live tracking links and direct contact with their Sherpa driver. 

Solutions to fit every business

We've got you covered – technology to support self-service, hands-off online integrations and enterprises seeking custom solutions.

Image of the Sherpa dashboard with delivery information and buttons to submit the delivery order

Direct Dashboard

For businesses with less than 100 deliveries a month, jump on to our intuitive, self-serve platform.

  • Easy onboarding and no technical integration.
  • Access bulk rates with scheduled pick-up windows.
  • Utilise Sherpa labels, Scan & Sort, and tracking comms.
Image of an e-commerce store check out connecting to the Sherpa delivery platform

Platform Integrations 

Businesses looking to plug-in directly at checkout, whatever your delivery volume. 

  • Direct e-commerce store integrations or Sherpa API.
  • Automate order processing and delivery optimisation.
  • Access all delivery options and rates for high-volume.
Image of a Sherpa custom enterprise solution

Custom Enterprise

For businesses sending 1,000+ deliveries a month, access Sherpa's public API to integrate at scale.

  • Activate delivery options in your customer channels systems and ops chain.
  • Dynamic delivery pricing.
  • Ask us about our customisation requirements.

Dynamic pricing

Our delivery rates are crafted to deliver unmatched value. They adjust for the distance between pick-up and delivery locations to ensure efficiency and guarantee the best possible rate. It all starts with your delivery preferences:

  • Ultra-fast Express deliveries.
  • Conveniently scheduled pick-up windows for same-day or next-day delivery.
  • Any special add-ons are seamlessly integrated and tailored to each send.
Sherpa platform new delivery form with drop-down showing ASAP, 2-hour and 4-hour delivery options

Delivering excellence with every order

Real-time updates and a critical feedback loop to optimise every step of the delivery journey.

Image of Flexible Delivery Windows

Flexible windows

ASAP, 2-hour, 4-hour and same day fulfilment.

Image of multiple parcels as a part of Smart bundling with Sherpa delivery

Smart bundling

Grouping shared pick up deliveries for a single driver.

Image of a package with a Map pin to indicate Sherpa's Live Tracking capabilities

Live tracking

From pick-up to drop-off, know where your items are.

Image of a line with dots and a final map pin to indicate Sherpa's Route Optimisation

Route optimisation

Intelligent routing for efficient, on-time delivery.

Image of a wine bottle and wine class for Sherap's Builtin Compliance

Built-in compliance

Mark deliveries as Fragile, Alcohol, Medication, etc.

Image of a simple barcode to indicate Sherpa's Barcode Scanning features

Barcode scanning

Optimise delivery accuracy and item handling.

Image of a lock and four digit code to indicate Sherpa's Secure Handover features

Secure handover

Handover verified with recipient-to-driver code.

Image of a parcel on a conveyor to indicate Sherpa's Scan & Sort feature

Scan & Sort

Quickly sort packages into assigned Sherpa runs.

Image of an order form with an arrow pointing backwards to indicate Sherpa's Reverse Delivery capabilities

Reverse delivery

Multi-pick up for return back to your store.

Image of a shield with a tick, to indicate Sherpa's Data Security features

Data security

Ensuring your sensitive information is protected.

Image of a combined column and line graph going up, to indicate Sherpa's Performance Metrics feature

Performance metrics

Delivery insights for high-volume senders.

Image of a telephone handset with a cog to indicate Sherp's Dedicated Support features

Dedicated support

Expedited assistance via personalised channels.

Precision and care for every type of send
Images of a hand holding Flowers

Your sensitive, fragile items are in safe hands.

Image of a headphones as an example of High-value goods that can be sent with Sherpa
High-value goods

From cash to electronics, add security for safe delivery.

Image of cupcakes in a box as an example of Food and Grocery that can be sent with Sherpa
Food and grocery

Safe and timely delivery for food handling.

Image of a pill box, glass of water and outstretched hand holding pills to demonstrate Pharmacy products that can be sent with Sherpa

Industry-backed protocol for delivery of medication.

Image of a Small Package that can be sent with Sherpa delivery
Small parcels

Fast and secure handling of documents and satchels.

Image of a cat with a scratching poll, indicating the Pet Supplies that can be sent with Sherpa
Pet supplies

Timely delivery for bulkier supplies.

Image of wine bottles on a shelf to indicate the Alcohol and Tobacco that can be sent with Sherpa
Alcohol & Tobacco

ID checks for RSA compliance and secure handover.

Flexible driver fleet, 7 days a week

We activate our 10,000+ driver network to meet your delivery needs.

  • Operating in 11 major metro locations and an additional 7 regional centres.
  • 7am to 9pm delivery to meet the demands of your business.
  • Sherpa vetted and qualified for safe and secure deliveries.
  • Industry-standard fees and support for a healthy driver community.
Image of a Sherpa Driver collecting a package from a client with their Sherpa Delivery mobile app

Unmatched delivery support

Icon image of Live Chat Support

Live chat

Assistance at your fingertips.

Icon image of Phone Support person


Resolve issues with a human.

Icon image of Email with question mark


Connect with delivery experts.

Your sustainable delivery footprint

  • Every delivery with Sherpa is carbon offset.
  • Auto-bundling of jobs for shared pick up by a single driver.
  • Optimised routes to reduce distance travelled by drivers.
  • Driver Slots to handle efficient resource management.
Sustainable delivery with Sherpa

Ready to start sending?

Start offering same day delivery today and elevate your delivery operations.